TU.-FR.: 12am to 8pm

SA.-SU.: 11am to 8pm

MO. - Closed

Вопросы и ответы

Book the time by phone: 266-98-98 and arrive on time.

Flights do not require any special training, required skills you will obtain from the pre-flight instructions.

Flying is not recommended for ones who ever had a dislocation of the shoulder joint, back injury. Also, the pregnant women are not allowed to fly.

Flying is not recommended for people who have ever had dislocations of the shoulder joint or back injury. Pregnant women are also not allowed to fly.

Flights are contraindicated to people who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

Kids can fly since 3 years.

Yes, all flights are accompanied by experienced instructors, one of whom is in the flight zone with the one flying, and the second – on the outside regulates the flow rate depending on the weight of the flying person.

In the flight area itself there can be only one flying person with an instructor. If you came as the group, you will be instructed together, and then access the flight zone one by one.

Paired flights are possible if you already have sufficient experience of flying in the wind tunnel and you feel confident in the air stream.

The price includes all the necessary equipment (flight suit, helmet, running shoes), instructor work and the flight itself.

In addition, you can purchase photos and video of the flight, as well as souvenirs. Photos are sent by e-mail; the application can be left at the reception immediately after the flight.

Be prepared to spend about hour. This time includes changing clothes, instructions and the flight itself.

Flight time should be booked in advance, all working days except Monday are available for booking.

Tuesday – Friday: 12am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 8pm

If you did not find the answer to your question – mail it to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Also you can obtain all the required detailed information via the phone: +7 846 266 9898

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