TU.-FR.: 12am to 8pm

SA.-SU.: 11am to 8pm

MO. - Closed

What is Wind tunnel?

Wind tunnel is the place where everyone can have exact the same feeling as during the parachute jump. Unique technology of the forming of the air flow copies the experience of the free fall and the professional instructors will help to quickly study the principles of the body control.

For whom is that?

Here absolutely everyone can be taught to fly! What is required for that? Only your wish. The world of flights is endlessly various and gives the unlimited possibilities for self-development. You can enjoy the flight with your family, the flights are available for kids as well, aging from 5 (minimum – from 3).

*To get the detailed view of what Wind Tunnel is, please watch this video


Our team if formed from the professional flyers who have thousands hours of flight experience in tunnels, as well as hundreds of parachute jumps. The guys are the multiple winners of all - Russian competition parachuting in the "Freefly" discipline.

Ilya Murzin
Roman Keznetsov
Denis Gluhov
Sergey Morozov



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